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Germany’s Uncertain Military Revival

Prior to the airstrikes led by the Western trio, which consists of three countries possessing legalnuclear weapons and being permanent members of the UN Security Council, Chancellor Merkel excluded Germany’s active participation in the possible military action in Syria while stressing that her government supports the need “to send a clear signal that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable.

Multi-speed EU: Cure All Remedy or Dead End?

Hence, facts first: recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and only last week by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, about whether it is not better for the EU to focus more on items best suited for a transnational solution, but leave some, or indeed many other policy making items to the regions and member states.

A Divided Europe and Turkey

While the anti-Turkey left in Germany ran propaganda against the AK Party government, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) slammed Chancellor Angela Merkel for the refugee agreement signed with Turkey.

How realistic is the European Defense Union?

This turn of event was not a surprise for some, as following many unsuccessful meetings with US President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Merkel called on newly elected French President Macron to increase military cooperation in order for Europe to “take its fate into its own hands.