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Post-Saleh Scenarios in Yemen

In this respect, conflicts in the Middle East share similarities – the situation of Iraq following the 2003 invasion and the status of Syria, Yemen and Libya after the 2011 riots are all reminiscent of each other.

Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims

Questioning the timing of these declarations while more important issues such as the war in Syria and the fight against Daesh is still continuing, President Erdogan warned that ignoring the "inviolability" of Jerusalem for Muslims would lead to "serious consequences" – leading to the break of relations between Turkey and Israel.

Divestment of weapons sent to PKK/PYD in sight

In the Geneva II Conference on Syria, a UN-backed international peace conference on the future of Syria, the declared aim is to end the Syrian Civil War by bringing together the Syrian government and the opposition to discuss clear steps towards a transitional government.

Turkish Premier visited London

"We will deal with our bilateral relations and regional issues, including Iraq and Syria, in particular the struggle against terrorism, and this visit will be an opportunity to strengthen relations," Yıldırım said.