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Leitkultur 2.0: How the CDU Tries to Recapture Lost Votes

It seems, even though German society becomes ethnically, religiously and culturally more diverse, the political trend goes back to the idea of the so called Leitkultur (meaning core or dominant culture), a social philosophy which stems from the Syrian political scientist Bassam Tibi, an academic in the line of neo-conservative thought on the likes of Samuel P.

Should Turkey be Optimistic About Trump’s Presidency?

At the top of the list were three policies: eliminating the intake of Syrian refugees entirely, re-instating a Bush-era tracking system for immigrants coming from “high-risk” countries, and ordering border security to question Muslim travelers on their views on “sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women, the United States Constitution” – something the Trump team has dubbed “extreme vetting.

DAESH after Mosul

Afterwards, DAESH had declared its caliphate in Mosul, and in the following months, expanded its territories, removing the border between Syria and Iraq and establishing a de facto state.