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How Will Antony Blinken Handle US Foreign Policy on Syria, Turkey and Yemen?

This muddled policy, which consisted of laying down “red lines” against the use of chemical weapons that were crossed by Assad without consequence, an ineffectual $1 billion program run by the CIA to arm and train Syrian rebels, and direct armed intervention against the Islamic State and other groups, helped the Assad regime reassert control over much of the country and made a mockery of Obama’s early call for regime change.

Trump Lost But Trumpism Thrives

Despite everything over the past five years since Trump announced his candidacy--his mocking of people with disabilities; his virulent anti-Black and anti-Latino racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, and antisemitism; his praise of authoritarians and rejection of democratic allies; his obstruction of justice and his solicitation of foreign government intervention in his reelection effort; his bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic which has now infected more than 10 million people in the United States and killed more than 250,000; his congenital lying, pomposity, braggadocio, bullying, buffoonery, sloth, incompetence, and ignorance--despite all of this and so many other blatant disqualifications to be president, the most perturbing aspect of this election is that more than 71 million people witnessed all of this and decided they wanted more.

Slavery and Colonialism Go Deeper than Toppling Statues

For instance, an absence of a non-colonial Islamic history blights the schooling of not just British and American systems but virtually every country in the world (including Muslim-majority nations except for Iran) for various reasons ranging from a cultural-political opposition with historical roots (such as in some Balkan nations) to periods of colonial rule that created collective amnesia (in places such as Egypt) to extreme secularization agendas of past governments (such as in Turkey).

Communal India: Past, Present and Future

 India's historical lineage has been systematically expunged from the education and cultural system of the post-colonial republic, yet it is worth remembering that this is one of the great Islamic Empires of world history- from the Delhi Sultanates through the Mughal Dynasty and onward to Hyderabad State until the mid-20th century with a significant number of smaller royal states in-between.

Balkan Daesh Fighters in Numbers

The Interior Minister of North Macedonia said at the time that it was a ‘horrific assassination that was perpetrated by followers of radical Islam’ however, no relevant evidence was provided to confirm this.