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Ex-Soviet State Fighters in DAESH

The declaration of the Caucasus Emirate during this period under the leadership of Doku Umarov and the statement of a goal of “establishing an independent and united Islamic republic throughout the north Caucasus” made the conflict a trans-national one.

The Misuse of Integration as a Kampfbegriff in Germany

It is of no surprise that after the referendum which resulted with the victory of the proponents of the constitutional change, populist and racist remarks began to flood in the media: AFD’s Beatrice von Storch tweeted that those Turks who voted for the constitutional change (in her words “Islamic dictatorship”) should please immediately leave Germany.

What will the Aftershocks of Turkey’s April 16 Referendum Be?

The best evidence to prove the AK Party is in the center-right is that both the Gülenist Terror Organization, which is a totalitarian religious movement, and radical religious trends aiming at the Islamization of the Turkish society, which is overwhelmingly a Muslim society, according to their understanding of Islam, complain about and even hate the AK Party.

Sultans of Democracy Demand the Head of Erdoğan

It was crucial, as “they left the opportunity for Erdoğan to call the people to resist the coup”! The world-renowned journal The Economist had the same connotation: “The sultan survives”! Similarly, an analyst of Fox News, Ralph Peters, made two obnoxious comments within a week: “Friday night’s failed coup was Turkey’s last hope to stop the Islamization of its government and the degradation of its society.

Impunity for Hate Rising in Europe

The current, most prominent Dutch politician Geert Wilders officially started his election campaign with several polarizing messages: the Islamic ideology is more dangerous than National Socialism, mosques are Nazi temples, and the Qur’an is similar to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.