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Political Assassinations: From the Assassins to Modern Politics

Following its establishment, Israel has assassinated key Palestinian political leaders, by planting bombs in their cars (writer Ghassan Kanafani); by poisoning them (Wadi Haddad, who is believed to have been assassinated by Israel by a poisoned chocolate bar); by direct shooting (fatal shooting of Islamic Jihad leader, Fathi Shaghaghi, who was gunned down in Cyprus, and Ahmed Yassin, Hamas’s supreme leader, who was killed by a missile fired by an Israeli helicopter as he left a mosque on a wheelchair in 2004).

Morocco Lost One of Its “Sacred” Causes with the Israel Normalization

The Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD), with two deputies in the House of Representatives that protested, but softly; and two other movements without parliamentary representation, who are still considered as the real opposition parties in Morocco: the Marxists of the Democratic Way, and the Islamists of the powerful association Al Adl Wal Ihsane (Justice and Spirituality).

How Will Antony Blinken Handle US Foreign Policy on Syria, Turkey and Yemen?

This muddled policy, which consisted of laying down “red lines” against the use of chemical weapons that were crossed by Assad without consequence, an ineffectual $1 billion program run by the CIA to arm and train Syrian rebels, and direct armed intervention against the Islamic State and other groups, helped the Assad regime reassert control over much of the country and made a mockery of Obama’s early call for regime change.

Trump Lost But Trumpism Thrives

Despite everything over the past five years since Trump announced his candidacy--his mocking of people with disabilities; his virulent anti-Black and anti-Latino racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, and antisemitism; his praise of authoritarians and rejection of democratic allies; his obstruction of justice and his solicitation of foreign government intervention in his reelection effort; his bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic which has now infected more than 10 million people in the United States and killed more than 250,000; his congenital lying, pomposity, braggadocio, bullying, buffoonery, sloth, incompetence, and ignorance--despite all of this and so many other blatant disqualifications to be president, the most perturbing aspect of this election is that more than 71 million people witnessed all of this and decided they wanted more.