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To Counter Turkey, Saudi Arabia Backs the YPG in Syria

Yet recently more Turks are paying closer attention to the deepening relationship between the Kurdish, Marxist group and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which must be understood within the framework of Riyadh aligning closely with Abu Dhabi’s increasingly anti-Turkish foreign policy agenda in the greater Arab/Islamic world.

The End of the Liberal World?

The most acute expression of this trend is the wave of Islamophobia, in fact anti-Islamic hatred, which is fast entering the political mainstream in key countries of the continent, but also in the United States and other countries.

Jacinda Ardern and the World’s Muslims

Just like the time when philosopher Elizabeth Badinter said that those designing clothes for Muslim women are not French and called to boycott a number of British, Italian and American brands, saying shamelessly in an interview, “don’t be afraid to be called Islamophobic.