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Turkey’s Education System Adapts to International Standards

Some of the career courses that have been included within this framework are as follows: Advanced foreign languages, second foreign language, financial math, data analysis and optimization, mathematical applications, biotechnology, energy systems of the future, material science, artificial intelligence applications, internet of things applications, creative approaches to environmental problems, smart cities and future of humanity, innovative approaches to social problems, behavioral economics, applied law, social media and culture, development and nature of human rights, power, sovereignty and international relationships, sufi literature, Islamic philosophy, creative artistic outlets, human-machine interaction, communication design.

How Long Can Iran Resist US Pressure?

The Washington administration launched two-stage sanctions against Iran in August and November after the country’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA), and in April 2019, declared Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.

A Tale of Two Erdogans: How The West Went Rogue on Turkey

Finally, Erdoğan’s democratic credentials combined with his open embrace of Islam was often praised by western leaders looking for a major international figure to point to in order to illustrate that the increasingly widespread post-9/11 theory that Islam and democracy are uniquely mutually exclusive is false.