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FETO indictment: Solving the puzzle of the spiderweb

The strategy of the organization in regards to the role of religion, the indictment remarks, has been ‘flexible’ and tolerant; not imposing Islamic religious practices on people, but rather giving religious messages that are comfortable with the local way of living accepted by the locals.

What does the French Democracy Crisis Indicate?

n France, although the rise of the far right, Islamophobia, anti-refugee rhetoric and populism do not seem to directly contradict the notions of people’s right to vote and national sovereignty at first glance, it definitely challenges the liberal democratic system that came into prominence in the aftermath of World War II.

Debunking Trump’s Myths on Saudi Arabia

Working with the advice of his mentor, the de facto ruler of UAE, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed (MBZ), MbS prioritized an absurd war with the so called political Islam, imposed a blockade on Qatar, antagonized Turkey, initiated political and diplomatic crisis with traditional allies such as the Lebanese Prime Minister, King of Jordan, the Palestinian President, the Yemeni President.