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Islamophobia and the French Presidential Election

59 percent of the French votes in Israel in the first round! Again, what happened that the far right and the far left have become so strong in France? Why is the gap between Macron's and Le Pen's support closing, and people even fear that Le Pen might win? As a direct result of the legislation, discourse, and policies of Macron's presidency and government regarding Islam and Muslims, France is now a much more Islamophobic and anti-Muslim country than it was before 2017.

Revisiting Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia Claims

“At the post-reshuffle meeting with the whips, I asked what the thinking was behind the decision to fire me…that my ‘Muslim woman minister’ status was making colleagues uncomfortable and that there were concerns ‘that I wasn’t loyal to the party as I didn’t do enough to defend the party against Islamophobia allegations.

Macron, the Gulf, and Islam

Second, at a time when the issue of Islam and Muslims is at the center of the presidential campaign, Macron wants to seek support for the French position against “radicalism,” and especially so after the adoption of the “Law against Separatism,” renamed the “Law Reinforcing the Principles of the Republic,” which came into force in August 2021 and which has caused much misunderstanding in the Muslim world (and elsewhere) as it appears to be (and is in fact) a law against Islam and Muslims.

Macron’s “Islamist Separatism” Discourse Is An Islamophobic Hysteria

During his speech, which lasted about 70 minutes, he identified the problem and this taboo-free approach: “There is an Islamic separatism that endangers our society, our capacity to live together, our Republic; it is first trying to establish a hostile society parallel to the Republic, and then take it over!” The president did not mention terror, terrorists, or a terrorist organization, and even said he distinguished these Islamic separatists from the rest of Muslims in France.