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Can the Taliban Deal with their Handicaps?

Read: China-US Rivalries after the Afghan War The Taliban cannot address the elephant in the room Perhaps, the biggest handicap the Taliban faces is their inability to address the elephant in the room: the economic and humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Afghanistan.

Where Does Central Asia Stand on Russia’s War in Ukraine?

Read: China vs Russia in Central Asia?In reality, however, in launching its military offensive against Ukraine, Russia’s strategic goal should be viewed as follows: further dismemberment of the country—ideally breaking it up into two separate and, perhaps, loosely connected entities based on geographic and ethnic-linguistic principles—and the restoration of a pro-Russian puppet government, potentially led by Ukraine’s former president Viktor Yanukovych who fled to Russia in 2014, which will be completely subordinate to the Kremlin’s will.

The Montreux Convention and the Russia-Ukraine War

Read: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: What China Thinks General outlines of the regime introduced by the Montreux Convention The Montreux Convention brings some assurances that reduce the security concerns of both Turkey and other Black Sea littoral countries arising from foreign warships; the convention uses the concept of warship instead of “military ship.