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Post-Saleh Scenarios in Yemen

In this respect, conflicts in the Middle East share similarities – the situation of Iraq following the 2003 invasion and the status of Syria, Yemen and Libya after the 2011 riots are all reminiscent of each other.

The United Nations in an Age of Transition I: World Order and Realpolitik

The resulting political vacuum in countries such as Iraq and Libya was quickly filled by groups acting in the name of a so-called “Islamic State,” and the chain of destabilizing events – leading to widespread state failure in the Middle East – has now even reached the gates of Europe, with the refugee crisis threatening political stability in core countries of the European Union and endangering the cohesion of the Union itself.

Coups of TIME

While some argue that Yılmaz lacks the political mediation skills to form a sustainable government, his decision to withdraw from Libya and his stance against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism dissipate the suspicions.

Turkey’s ISIS Problem

Significant losses on the side of ISIS last year are likely to have influenced its command structure to implement a new exit plan, which in turn will prepare the ground for ISIS terror groups in other countries such as Libya or Afghanistan.