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Tunisian Politics at Crossroad with Kais Saied’s Vision of Governance

Saied is understood to support the idea and call for a new system of popular representation, similar to that of popular committees in Libya during the Gaddafi regime, and while details of that alternative system are not clear at the moment, Kais Saied's supporters are absolutely clear in their demand that the entire executive branch be placed in the hands of the president, with the parliament being reduced to a mere watchdog.

Search of Turkish Ship on the High Seas Was Illegal

Read: A Turkish-Italian Alliance on Libya? Another fundamental principle that dominates the legal status of the high seas is that all ships on the high seas (civilian or military, private or state-owned) are subject to the legislative, executive, and adjudicative jurisdiction of the flag state.

Will Biden Upend the Controversial US-UAE Arms Deal?

Given the UAE’s controversial interventions in Libya and Yemen, scores of activists are urging Biden to halt this sale, which “would cause devastating harm to both the people in the Middle East and America's standing in the region”, according to the Democracy for the Arab World Now’s Michael Eisner and Sarah Leah Whitson.