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The KRG referendum: chaos continues

” Post-referendum Iraq also maintained its place on the agenda of the President, as Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that “Any incident taking place in Syria and Iraq is not independent from us, they are linked directly to our domestic affairs.

Turkey to maintain its economic growth

” He added, “These five countries, which are strong actors in their regions, can contribute significantly to regional and global peace and stability…” Regarding the current refugee crises including Rohingya and Syria, Kahraman emphasized that relations between humanitarian aid and sustainable development, the role of migrants during works for sustainable development and the fight against terrorism should all be handled together.

Time to Reform the United Nations

Concerns for international law and justice, alas, play only a negligible role for these actors as we have seen, for instance, in the entire episode of the Palestinian tragedy and the deafening silence in the face of the killing fields of Assad’s Syria since 2011.

The Rohingya crisis and the problem of aid

After the visit by TIKA, assisted by First Lady Emine Erdogan, where 1,000 tons of aid was delivered to the Rohingya Muslims who had fled violence, President Erdogan raised the issue at the UN General Assembly claiming that the international community has remained silent once again “just like it did in Syria.